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Are you graduating this year, or know someone who is?


Show your support for the graduate with this customized handheld fan!

Graduation fans are made with a thick, durable, wood and completed with a water proof design. Each fan is approximately measures 6.5" wide by 8.5" tall.

🎓 What’s included?
Double Sided/Designed Hand Fans,
Up to Two Pictures,
School Name/Logo,
Graduation Year,
Your choice of Background Colors,
Free Shipping


🎓 What is extra?

More than 2 changes to the original design.

I will send a draft of the fan for your approval once I have designed it. When you have  accepted the image, I will complete the order. 

Please promptly respond when the draft is sent. You will be able to alter the draft if there are changes you’d like made, up to two times. Once the final draft is approved, NO changes can be made. Spelling errors or any other grammatical errors are the responsibility of the buyer once the final draft is approved.


If we receive no response within 48 hours of sending the draft, we will reach out once. If no reply,  we will have to cancel the order. 


FREE shipping all over the US! Turnaround is approximately  1-2 weeks + shipping time.




Graduation Sign - Handheld Fan Keepsake

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